Sunday, April 6, 2014

Art Studio

Ahhhhhh - finally.  The new garage is completed.  The door on the right opens into my new Art studio.  I can now move all of my art and craft supplies out of the house and into the new space!  This is a good thing!  I am looking forward to Summer so I can get started.

 This is a view from the door.  This is the main part of the studio which will have all of my storage, drawing table, craft table, etc.  I think I will simply put down a couple of room size rugs to add a little softness but I could easily remove them if they get stained with paint, etc.
This is the back room - the part of the space that is directly behind the garage.  
This is where I will hook up my kiln and set up the potter's wheel.  I have several things I 
will need to do before this can happen - set up an exhaust system as well as line the 
walls in the corner for heat.  The electrical work is already set up to go.

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