Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Art Studio

I will now have a place to actually use all of my fun drawers and jars and storage finds of the past few years!  I have a new Art Studio!

This has been planned for a long time (several years!) and has finally come to fruition.  It seemed doubtful for awhile as I wasn't sure I wanted to proceed following my husbands death, but I decided it might be just the thing I need to keep going forward.  I think Ace would have been very happy that it is finally completed and I will be moving all of my arts and crafts and such out of the house!  =)

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  1. I sent this to you in an email but the delivery failed so I'll leave it as a comment.....

    How sweet of you to mention me on your art blog. You were on my mind today and I was
    wondering what was new with you. I'm so sorry that you have had such a
    terrible last few months. I hope you'll share whatever you want. I'm proud
    to be your friend. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Sweet hugs, Diane