Monday, February 19, 2018

Books, Books, and more Books!

Once I started making handmade books, I couldn't stop! I love the entire process, whether it is a simple mini, origami book or a larger book with hand-sewn signatures and interesting covers!

It is actually not that difficult to make a great book. If you have a little free time, check out some of the tutorials online for small origami books like those pictured below. If you have even more time, check out my last post with directions for sewing signatures and adding covers!

If you like working with your  hands and creating, I think you'll also love making your own books!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Binding

One of my favorite projects in my Natural Fibers class is teaching about binding books!

We make all of our own paper - recycled!  Great project for recycled papers/egg cartons/cardboard, etc.  We use a variety of things to make our paper; cardboards for the cover boards and spine; and even things from nature to embellish both the paper and the final book!

Students are required to make at least 40 sheets of paper and then we begin!

Here are some of my handouts we use to learn about sewing signatures and creating covers.

Try it - you'll love it!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Junk Jaunt 2014

My granddaughter and I had a great time on the Junk Jaunt yesterday!!  We were up and going by 6:00 a.m. then home by about 5:00 p.m.!

I found lots of little bargains but nothing big!  Of course, that is probably a good thing since I only have a blazer to haul it all home!!  =)

Here are some of my wonderful find!!

White ironstone and a fun little cloche.

Love any kind of wooden boxes!!
I also love any kind of linens and lace!
Okay - just so you know, the little footstool in the last picture is not from the junk jaunt.  My grandfather made that stool - which I love!!!!  Also, the large basket behind the metal can and picture frames was a bargain from a garage sale at another time! 

I didn't spend more than $3 on anything!  I figured in all I only spent about $50 and this is not everything pictured.  I bought 8 large Ball canning jars for my daughter, a vintage wood cheese box for my daughter, some small Spice Jars for my daughter, a few small things for my granddaughter and some things I have soaking in the sink!!  =)

A very fun day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Art Studio - Where is it now.

The art studio is going to be nice if I ever actually have it set up.  I have ended up with so many other things that had to be done this past summer that I could never get to that space.  It even ended up being a storage space for now, as I brought home many boxes of things belonging to my mom and dad.  Boxes of items I would like to go through slowly before deciding if I will keep them. 

Most of the items are just memories although much of it could still be used; not just for looks.  I am so happy that my dad did pack away so much of what was my mother's after she died, and didn't just get rid of everything.  There are even a few pieces that were my grandmother's; my mom's mom, who died when mom was very young. 

I would like to find some things that I can pass on to my daughter someday.  Maybe even my granddaughter.  I have furniture that belonged to my dad's parents and I know my daughter wants some of that but she was very close to my mom when she was little and I want to find some important things that she might remember and would like to keep.

It has also been hard to just keep going sometimes..... I haven't always been very productive.  Those who have lost a spouse can understand the downward spiral that happens quite often - leading to a lack of interest and energy.

But - school has started up once more and I am busy teaching now.  Unfortunately, that also means I am tired in the evenings so I am back to the problem of getting things done!

One day - one day I will have new pictures of a finished studio!  It will be beautiful!!  I can't wait!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Ace

The Lot
Click on "The Lot" and it will take you to the web page showing the band my husband was a part of in the '60's.  I love this tribute his nephew did for Ace with The Lot!   You can even listen to their music on this site!
My sweetheart is the short one right in the middle!  He was very cute back then - and even better looking when I met him later in life!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New finds

I do believe I shall start putting together my studio - finally. 

For those who know me, it is a tough road I am following at the moment but I do know I need to get to work on something that will help with the journey - and my art, I'm sure, will be at least one way that God will use as He carry's me through.

I found one more piece for storage although I really like it and it may end up in the house somewhere.

I'm sure this must have come from an older home - probably one of two cupboards on each side of a doorway or a fireplace.  I have two similar cupboards in my home although mine are just shelves, not these lovely cubbies.  This is missing all of the doors but, perhaps I will find some to replace them - or maybe I will just leave it as is.

I also found a few sweet items.  I am still contemplating the opening of my Etsy shop and these may end up there eventually.  For now I will simply enjoy their beauty somewhere in the studio.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

New box.

I love this new three drawer wooden box!  It is actually full of router bits at the moment - and maybe I will keep using it for these.  But then again, maybe I will use it for craft things.

New Art Studio

I will now have a place to actually use all of my fun drawers and jars and storage finds of the past few years!  I have a new Art Studio!

This has been planned for a long time (several years!) and has finally come to fruition.  It seemed doubtful for awhile as I wasn't sure I wanted to proceed following my husbands death, but I decided it might be just the thing I need to keep going forward.  I think Ace would have been very happy that it is finally completed and I will be moving all of my arts and crafts and such out of the house!  =)

Art Studio

Ahhhhhh - finally.  The new garage is completed.  The door on the right opens into my new Art studio.  I can now move all of my art and craft supplies out of the house and into the new space!  This is a good thing!  I am looking forward to Summer so I can get started.

 This is a view from the door.  This is the main part of the studio which will have all of my storage, drawing table, craft table, etc.  I think I will simply put down a couple of room size rugs to add a little softness but I could easily remove them if they get stained with paint, etc.
This is the back room - the part of the space that is directly behind the garage.  
This is where I will hook up my kiln and set up the potter's wheel.  I have several things I 
will need to do before this can happen - set up an exhaust system as well as line the 
walls in the corner for heat.  The electrical work is already set up to go.


I haven't been on in such a long time - life goes through changes; some that are great, such as my last post, and some that pull you into the darkness and won't seem to let go.  (to continue reading, click here)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More vintage finds. . . and little crafty bits.

I'm sure you can all tell that I have a love for all things vintage, antique and even just old!