Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Art Studio - Where is it now.

The art studio is going to be nice if I ever actually have it set up.  I have ended up with so many other things that had to be done this past summer that I could never get to that space.  It even ended up being a storage space for now, as I brought home many boxes of things belonging to my mom and dad.  Boxes of items I would like to go through slowly before deciding if I will keep them. 

Most of the items are just memories although much of it could still be used; not just for looks.  I am so happy that my dad did pack away so much of what was my mother's after she died, and didn't just get rid of everything.  There are even a few pieces that were my grandmother's; my mom's mom, who died when mom was very young. 

I would like to find some things that I can pass on to my daughter someday.  Maybe even my granddaughter.  I have furniture that belonged to my dad's parents and I know my daughter wants some of that but she was very close to my mom when she was little and I want to find some important things that she might remember and would like to keep.

It has also been hard to just keep going sometimes..... I haven't always been very productive.  Those who have lost a spouse can understand the downward spiral that happens quite often - leading to a lack of interest and energy.

But - school has started up once more and I am busy teaching now.  Unfortunately, that also means I am tired in the evenings so I am back to the problem of getting things done!

One day - one day I will have new pictures of a finished studio!  It will be beautiful!!  I can't wait!

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