Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New finds

I do believe I shall start putting together my studio - finally. 

For those who know me, it is a tough road I am following at the moment but I do know I need to get to work on something that will help with the journey - and my art, I'm sure, will be at least one way that God will use as He carry's me through.

I found one more piece for storage although I really like it and it may end up in the house somewhere.

I'm sure this must have come from an older home - probably one of two cupboards on each side of a doorway or a fireplace.  I have two similar cupboards in my home although mine are just shelves, not these lovely cubbies.  This is missing all of the doors but, perhaps I will find some to replace them - or maybe I will just leave it as is.

I also found a few sweet items.  I am still contemplating the opening of my Etsy shop and these may end up there eventually.  For now I will simply enjoy their beauty somewhere in the studio.

Have a wonderful day!

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