Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Fun

I cut boxwood from my hedge to fill a vase and to add to my little socks (another picture)!
 I started making these origami stars - shared the directions with all of my high school classes, too - and can't seem to stop!  These and the little ones you will see shortly!

 I love my large chippy outside urn.  It looks so great sitting on the dining room table filled with Christmas decor!
 I found these lovely glass balls with a lacy look to them at a garage sale - $2 for all of them.
 I really enjoyed making a grungy candle.  My daughter is going to be making several so I got to try some techniques to see how they work.  I think - - - - great!
 You can see the coffee grounds and cocoa I was using.  I also plan to add cinnamon and cloves !
 Here are the little stars I was talking about.  They are very addictive - once you start making them you just can't stop!!  I have made hundreds, I think - many from old comic strips, some just white paper, some with music paper!  I also plan to use some glue and glitter!
 I love this glass butter dome.  I found it at a sale, too, but it was missing the plate so I got it for a great price!  I decided to top my little silver pedestal dish.  Right now there are just some orange peels in it but not for much longer!

 I used two of my silver trays and made this tiered piece with the lighted candle in a bucket and pine cones.
 My socks!   I loved this when I saw it on Pinterest so I did something similar!  They aren't quite done - I am in the process of rusting my safety pins and bells! 
 More stars in a star pot!
And even more white stars.

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