Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday wall!

My daughter does scrapbooking and is setting up a room just to work.  One wall in that room was still pretty awful - the room used to be a 70's bar (literally from the 70's) - and for her birthday I bought insulation, lumber, sheetrock, counter and supplies to rebuild it, then used palettes and built her some shelves for above the cabinet.  I don't have any before pictures of the wall, darn it!  It was really quite awful!  But I have the shelf progress!
Palettes used for the shelves.
 Finished building.
 Whitewashed the finished shelves.
 Left side hung on the wall.
 Right side hung on the wall.
 Added smaller shelves to the right of the first set of shelves on the right.
 Left side beginning to fill.
 Right side beginning to fill.
Overall wall - although I couldn't get the entire wall in the picture!  =)

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